Seven years in iq option sign up the making! This is the end of a long time together, you & me. You might be wondering why I've decided to end Girl Swirl, or maybe you arenít, either way Iím going to tell you why. I need a change. I need a new project that doesnít have so many silent rules. I feel like this zine has to be a certain way or people wonít like it. I want to focus more on fiction & lately, I just donít feel comfortable sharing my deepest secrets with the world. Over the course of the last seven years Iíve told you everything. All my mistakes were laid out for you to see & I canít bear to look at them any longer. Iím human & Iíve proven that in the pages of Girl Swirl. This book will serve as closure for me on this chapter iq option trading uae of my life. Iíve taken pieces from the previous twelve issues as well as a few other projects including Dear Gwen & A Girl Called Mike & compiled them here for you. This means I donít ever have to copy another issue of this zine again. I can tuck my originals away in my file cabinet & start fresh. That feels really good. I didnít include everything from all issues, just a few pieces that document Girl Swirl in a way that I can live with. Some of the early stuff is really bad. But I did have a nice laugh reading over those back issues while making this one. Itís nice to see how far Iíve come. In one of my intros I wrote about all the places Iíve lived while making this zine. Itís so weird to think of me living in those places now that I am happy & settled in Pennsylvania again. I mean, things really do come full circle, donít they?

Perfect bound & 117 pages, this book is a collection iqoptions of work by Taryn Hipp & features cover art by Cristy Road. - $12.00